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Yew Bough
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A very warm welcome to Sacred Yew

Sacred Yew was born out of honouring my heart’s desire to emerse myself in photography, combined with a passion for inspiring and awakening hearts.
My work has emerged out of my ever-deepening desire to know and merge with the Great Mystery or the Divine within us all. Photography, for me, is an unashamed, unfolding awe and joyous celebration of the Divine that infuses and surrounds everything. The creations are an expression of a deep love and reverence for Life and the Divinity of Nature. Each photographic creation on this website, has been co-created through an intimate collaboration with Nature and the Beyond.

My art is expressing that which is beyond words for me, that which is so vast …
it becomes a dance with infinity.

The images are portals into realms beyond the surface of daily life, offering a sense of the wonder, magic and mystery of life; reflecting that which is visible and also evoking that which is beyond the edges of perception. My work is about honouring and expressing the mystery and miracle of life and nature that surrounds us. Nature and the Universe are our home from which we are inseparable.
Each piece heralds an invitation to ‘come home’ to the truth of your being.
The ‘Living Light Mandalas’ are a perfect aid to meditation, inner contemplation, or simply a piece of beauty to bless your home.

May you find within Sacred Yew inspiration, peace and delight for your heart and soul.

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